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Oklahoma - June 2015
Red Dirt Nation
Eastern OK - A quarter-century and counting
[August 2015] - Dusk ‘Til Dawn isn’t slowing with age as 25th anniversary shindig nears. For a quarter-century, blues musicians and music lovers have gathered for the Dusk ‘Til Dawn Blues Festival, a weekend of reunions, music and camaraderie smack in the middle of one of one of Oklahoma’s remaining historic black towns.   read more...
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  • Central OK - The good words
  • Central OK - Red hot Blue Door
  • Next up in Norman
  • Eastern Ok - Super-groups come to Currentland
  • Travel abroad in McAlester
    [August 2015] - CultureFest provides enriching games, music and more. Come and experience traditions from around the world at the annual McAlester CultureFest, Saturday, Aug.15 from noon - 8 p.m., downtown (on Choctaw Ave. between 5th Street & Main).   read more...
  • Further future fun
  • Natural shindigs
  • Monty, music and magic
  • Heaven on a bun
    [August 2015] - Hop Bunz, with locations in Brookside and South Tulsa is brought to you by the same Tulsa geniuses who dreamed up Los Cabos and The Waterfront Grill   read more...
  • Pork & dreams
  • August 2015: Dining Guide
  • Bramble on
  • All Over OK - Last splash
    [August 2015] - Hot weather, big water beckon aqua-fiends as season finale nears. Thanks to above average seasonal rainfall through the spring and early summer of 2015, Oklahoma’s water table as a whole is at (or above) suitable levels; fantastic news for all Okies and all those around the world who count on crops yielded in Oklahoma for meeting nutritional needs.   read more...
  • Central OKlahoma Future fun
  • Eastern OK - Future Fun
  • Slip sliding away
  • Currentland Review: Aerosmith
    [August 2015] - The “bad boys from Boston” known as Aerosmith played a grand opening event at the new Grand Theater at Choctaw Casino Resort on June 27 and it was an event of a lifetime.   read more...
  • Letter From The Editor: August 2015
  • Sound Advice: Sly & the Family Stone
  • Sound Advice: Evan Michaels
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      The Altruistic Negotiator
      [August 2015] - Playing ‘let’s make a deal’ at the farmer’s market. It's good to be able to drive a hard bargain. When buying a used snowboard on eBay, for example, or attempting to stay out of a corrupt policeman's car in some foreign city, with only $50 in your pocket. On such occasions, one should negotiate with all of the cunning one can muster.   read more...
    • Jam I Am
    • Don’t bug me!
    • Waste not watt not
    • Come sail away
      [August 2015] - Cardboard boats abound at Muskogee’s River Rumba Regatta. If you want a real test of your river-worthy cardboard and duct tape skills, Muskogee’s River Rumba Regatta is the place you need to be this month.   read more...
    • Still ‘Mad’
    • By Daniel Bokemper
    • True Beliver: August 2015 - Welcome to the Petri dish