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Sunday, Oct 04
The Vine Brothers
Rowdy Beaver Den
Eureka Springs, AR

Caleb Ryan Martin
Terra Studios
Fayetteville, AR

Nate Hancock
Georges Majestic
Fayetteville, AR

Randall Shreve
Georges Majestic
Fayetteville, AR

Sarah Hughes
Georges Majestic
Fayetteville, AR

Toby Mac
Arkansas Music Pavilion
Rogers, AR

Louise Goldberg
Back Alley Gallery

Mary Catherine Reynolds
Back Alley Gallery

Open Mic
Willies Saloon
Stillwater, OK

Amigo The Devil
Fur Shop
Tulsa, OK

Bobby Cantrell
Bluestone Steak House
Tulsa, OK

Grupo Cimarron
Guthrie Green
Tulsa, OK

John Fullbright
Guthrie Green
Tulsa, OK

Meg Myers
Cains Ballroom
Tulsa, OK

Mike Williams and Joe Defrense
Fur Shop
Tulsa, OK

Mugen Tribe
Soundpony Lounge
Tulsa, OK

Olivia Duhon And Frank Brown Trio
Jazz Hall Of Fame
Tulsa, OK

Paul Benjaman
The Colony
Tulsa, OK

Red Metal
Woody Guthrie Center
Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma - June 2015
Eastern OK - Guthrie gushes
[October 2015] - Even though the highly anticipated Taloa Music Festival failed to fly, some time-tested happenings will be up and open for business this month.   read more...
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  • Eastern OK - Rocking and Humming
  • Eastern OK - Center of it all
  • Take me to church, Mr. Jones
  • Eastern OK - Wynton’s world
  • Immortally Yours
    [October 2015] - For the first time in the United States, The University of Oklahoma’s Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art presents “Immortales: The Hall of Emperors of the Capitoline Museums, Rome”   read more...
  • 7TH Annual Spider Ball presented by Bacardi
  • Life ends while art lives
  • Stillwater screen
  • October 2015 - Dining Guide
    [October 2015] - Using traditional family recipes from South Texas, New Mexico and Mexican border towns, Chuy’s serves fresh, affordable, made to order dishes in good sized portions. Tortillas are hand- made daily, as are the sauces and guacamole   read more...
  • Brady bliss
  • A wonderful secret
  • Scratch fever
  • Regatta be kidding
    [October 2015] - OKC Boathouse District hosts the 11th annual Regatta Festival. Located in the boathouse district, the OKC Regatta Festival takes place from Oct. 1-4   read more...
  • Barbe-cue
  • In Your Wheelhouse
  • Round abouts
  • The Turnpike Troubadours
    [October 2015] - The Turnpike Troubadours understand what it means to keep a good thing going. They also fully grasp the montage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ which is the leading reason why their new self-titled album is winning over critical acclaim from Rolling Stone and Wall Street Journal to and right here at Currentland headquarters.   read more...
  • Letter From The Editor: October 2015
  • JR JR
  • Editors
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      Sharing culture & community
      [October 2015] - ShalomFest returns to Tulsa’s Temple Israel. October is typically a time of anticipation of fall and winter holidays for most Green Country residents.   read more...
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    • Thrown away
    • Central OK - Kick up your kilt
    • Opinion: September 2015 - The solution has been there all along
      [September 2015] - With the election season creeping up on us I have something I really need to say. I believe I can best express my thoughts by referring you to a short clip that was flying around the internet a few years back.   read more...
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