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Thursday, Dec 18
Camptown Ladies
Chelsea Cafe
Eureka Springs, AR

Jerry Yester
Grand Tavern
Eureka Springs, AR

The Dead Strangs
Mojo's Pints And Pies
Fayetteville, AR

Vintage Pistol
Georges Majestic
Fayetteville, AR

Open Mic
Fort Smith, AR

Osage Casino
Bartlesville, OK

Full Moon Cafe
Broken Arrow, OK

Deck the Hall with Buddy Holly
Music Hall of Fame
Muskogee, OK

Caleb McGee
Norman, OK

Rowdy Folk
Wormy Dog
Oklahoma City, OK

The Bread And Butter Band
51st Speakeasy
Oklahoma City, OK

ZuZu Petals
Bin 73 Wine Bar
Oklahoma City, OK

Joe Tiechman
Brickhouse Saloon
Shawnee, OK

C Plus
Tulsa, OK

Candy Lee
The Colony
Tulsa, OK

Charlie Redd
Full Moon Cafe
Tulsa, OK

Chris Combs
Fassler Hall
Tulsa, OK

Christine Jude Duo
Centennial Lounge
Tulsa, OK

Chuck Dunlap and High Desert Riders
Dusty Dog Saloon
Tulsa, OK

Ego Culture
Hunt Club
Tulsa, OK

Fully Loaded
Next door Bar and Grill
Tulsa, OK

Had Enough
The Shrine
Tulsa, OK

Fur Shop
Tulsa, OK

Tulsa RV Ranch
Tulsa, OK

Williamson Bros and the Dinosaurs
Moose Lodge
Tulsa, OK

Nick Gibson
Cherokee Casino
West Siloam, OK

<Oklahoma - November 2014
Central OK - Winter Dog
[December 2014] - Wormy Dog keeps it real all winter with Whiskey, Micky, Gravy and more. The Wormy Dog Saloon began in the 1990s as a Stillwater musical landmark. But since 2003 this music venue has been located in the Bricktown neighborhood of Oklahoma City.   read more...
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  • The art of entertaining
    [December 2014] - If you haven’t experienced Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, one of top art museums in the nation, now is the perfect time to take a holiday road trip. Located in the a beautiful Arkansas city, guests of Crystal Bridges will enjoy stunning architecture, an extensive American art collection, and special exhibits throughout the year.   read more...
  • New Year’s Eve events near you - Western Arkansas
  • Eastern Oklahoma - Bartlesvoodoo
  • Holiday ha ha
  • Central OK - Delectable dining
    [December 2014] - Zorba’s offers OKC perfect pairings. Most metro Oklahoma City denizens are fully aware that family-owned Zorba’s has been serving up some of the tastiest, most authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the area for over twenty years.   read more...
  • Easter OK - Let the good times roll
  • Central OK - Deeply Delicious
  • NW Arkansas - Chicken pickin’
  • Central Oklahoma - Hooray for the holidays
    [December 2014] - Currentland goes crazy for classic and unique Christmastime happenings. It’s that time of the year again, in fact, the most wonderful time of the year. Holiday-themed happenings are lighting up Currentland’s downtowns, uptowns, cross timbers, theaters, halls, parks and places of worship.   read more...
  • Eastern Oklahoma - Hooray for the holidays
  • Northeastern OK - Ho, ho, homes
  • Central OK - Tulsa Christmas Parade
  • Albums of the year edition - Bluegrass/Folk
    [December 2014] - Sound Advice: Albums of the year edition - Bluegrass/Folk   read more...
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  • Albums of the year edition - Blues/Jazz
  • Albums of the year edition - R&B/Hop-Hop
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      Drinking water dilemma
      [December 2014] - Controversy continues surrounding water fluoridation, communities question supplies. A while back we talked about the issue of fluoride (or a form of it) being added to the drinking water in many cities. Currentland’s headquarter city, Tahlequah, is one of those communities with fluoridated drinking water.   read more...
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      [December 2014] - If you recall, last month I told an insightful little tale about a school bus, some children and technology ( It appears that experience was only the tip of the iceberg trying to punch through my subconscious.   read more...
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