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Monday, Jan 26
Cody Martin
J Js Grill
Conway, AR

Mountain Gypsies
J Js Grill
Fayetteville, AR

Mo Brothers
J Js Grill
Rogers, AR

Ali Harter
The Blue Note
Oklahoma City, OK

Cypher 120 Experience
Fur Shop
Tulsa, OK

Open Mic
The Colony
Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma - January 2015
Central OK - Red Dirt Riders
[January 2014] - Three immensely talented red dirt pioneers will take the stage together when Chuck Dunlap joins with Tom Skinner and Randy Crouch on a three-city tour of Oklahoma. This tour is sponsored by Coop Ale Works, the Tidewater Vineyards and Proceeds from the tour go to the Red Dirt Relief Fund dedicated to helping Oklahoma musicians.   read more...
  • Notheast OK - ROCKLAHOMA
  • Jack is back
  • Central OK - Red dirt capitol
  • Central OK - Brandon’s Door
  • Central OK - It’s a Winstar world
  • ‘Varekai’ high
    [January 2015] - Cirque de Soleil sets up shop for must-see shows in Tulsa & Oklahoma City. High drama, stunning theatrics, comedic relief, the perfect marriage of acrobatics and athleticism; all these things and so much more combined are what Cirque du Soleil display as their “Varekai” show holds Tulsa and Oklahoma City residencies to round out the month of January.   read more...
  • Arkansas - Snowshow must go on
  • NW Arkansas - Curing the wintertime blues
  • Theatrical thriller
  • Central OK - Fill ‘er up
    [January 2014] - The Pump Bar in OKC has it all – food, drink and decor. Remember the Elmer’s Texaco at 24th & N. Walker back in the day? With a nod of respect to the old gas station on the neon sign and exterior design of the building, you might prepare yourself for a healthy dose of American kitsch at The Pump Bar   read more...
  • Central Ok - Food for the soul
  • Central OK - Room with a view
  • NW Arkansas - Tiny yet tasty
  • Go Snowshowing
    [January 2015] - Walton Arts Center becomes magical winter wonderland in ‘Slava’s Snowshow’. If you are thinking of going out on the town for a bit of fun, culture and visual arousal, look no further! Running Jan. 22-24 at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville is a “Slava’s Snowshow” - a splendid, must-see Broadway musical.   read more...
  • Arkansas - The search is on
  • John Bramblitt
  • Central OK - Hot block
  • Sound Advice: Wu-Tang Clan
    [January 2014] - There’s nothing more refreshing in the morning than hearing a dearly departed Ol’ Dirty Bastard remind you that he’s here to stay, and the rest of the fine familiar players in the Wu-Tang Clan back that up with “Ruckus in B Minor”, “Necklace” and the title cut. Put it in your ears and protect your neck!   read more...
  • Sound Advice: Rolling Stones
  • Sound Advice: Mary J. Blige
  • Sound Advice: The Bourgeois
    • More Daily Updates >

      [January 2015] - Workshops aim to aid NWA veterans and patients, offer peer support. Do you or someone you know suffer from a chronic disease or condition? Do you feel your friends and family don't understand, and that no one is listening?   read more...
    • All shook up, but slow to wake
    • Protect Yourself from the Flu
    • Stop Fracking Payne County
    • Opinion: January 2015: A News Year’s resolution - not
      [January 2015] - Now don’t get me wrong, this soul of mine could always use some improvements. One spin around the block in my shoes would make that obvious. It’s just when I started thinking about a New Year’s resolution for 2015, the old spark just wasn’t there.   read more...
    • True Believer: January 2015: The Presence
    • The Canebrake hires Matthew Owen as chef de cuisine
    • Central OK - Dig and pull